(Photo: Heidi Fin on Unsplash)

CHECK - Feedback for business ideas

We get to know each other and analyze your business idea together. It doesn’t matter whether you only have an initial, vague idea or already have a perfectly developed business plan: We will help you find out where your idea is currently at in its development.

Our four service points are the place to go if you

  • want to clarify where you stand with your idea: What preliminary work do you still need? What do you still need to consider? What are the next steps?
  • are looking for suitable partners for your plans.
  • are looking for financing possibilities for your company.
  • you need someone to develop your ideas further.

The Startup Salzburg team is at your side with advice and answers all your questions about funding, contacts, qualification measures and much more. We are sparring partners, pilots, simplifiers and networkers for you and your ideas.

To provide you with the best possible advice, we need some information about your startup idea. Please fill out the idea sketch (Word download) for this purpose! It would be great if you could send it along when scheduling an initial consultation appointment. Make an appointment for an initial consultation today!

The PLUS ideaCHECK is aimed at students of the University of Salzburg and people from the university environment, the FHStartup ideaCHECK at FH students and people from the FH environment and the Startup ideaCHECK generally at all innovative founders and those who want to become one.