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Entrepreneurship ABCs

Startup knowledge for inspiring ideas: Our educational program offers you practical knowledge about entrepreneurship. To start your own startup, you first need your own visions and innovative ideas. Once you have them, it’s time to get down to business: You need to acquire basic knowledge and specific skills to take the step towards self-employment. For this purpose, Startup Salzburg has created its own educational program called Entrepreneurship ABCs, which starts every March.

The following interrelated topics await you:

  • From Idea to Business: From implementing business ideas to building a successful company.
  • Ideation & Design Thinking: Recognizing user desires and needs and designing products and services accordingly.
  • Business Modeling: Developing methods and tools for creating new and effective business ideas and models.
  • Market Analysis & Market Research: Market analysis and assessment of market potential in the digital age.
  • Multichannel Marketing: Strategy and concepts for national and international market positioning.
  • Protecting and Monetizing Intellectual Property: Ways to protect your own ideas from imitation and exploit them within research collaborations.
  • Startup Formalities: Legal, administrative, and tax-relevant steps for a successful business startup, as well as the responsibilities of entrepreneurs.
  • Quantitative Financial Planning: From business model to financial planning, securing liquidity, evaluating profitability, and determining capital requirements.
  • Financing: Who is Who and why? Financing instruments for startup, growth, and innovation, as well as forms of participation and their implications.
  • Public Funding: Financing from public sources: funding opportunities and resources for startups in national and international contexts.

With this foundational knowledge, you will be prepared for entrepreneurship and business management.

You can find the upcoming Entrepreneurship ABCs in our event calendar.