Personalized interval cancer screening, also for women with a family history of breast cancer.

Aileen Health has taken on the critical challenge of early detection of interval cancers, particularly in the area of breast cancer. Interval cancers are diagnosed between regular screenings because they quickly progress from minimal signs to invasive cancer. Current breast cancer screening is limited in its ability to prevent interval cancers from metastasizing. This gap in early detection has a significant impact on patient outcomes and survival rates. By introducing an innovative solution that utilizes generative AI, our approach enables early detection of interval cancers during regular breast cancer screenings. This proactive approach represents a significant advance in the field and has the potential to save lives by preventing the escalation of treatable tumors to incurable cases.

Aileen Health was part of SHAPE in 2023 and is participating in FACTORY+ #8 (AplusB program) in 2023/24.