Smarter Digital: effortless immersion in the digital world at the touch of a button. For an inclusive, smart society.

Their vision is an inclusive, digital society. For everyone – regardless of their own technical understanding or other age-related limitations. Ambicura is changing the digital world for users and at the same time digitizing one of the most important social areas – care. With their product KonnY, important digital services of everyday life become easily & effortlessly accessible.

Ambicura enables users to use all digital services on the Internet with a simple touch – from simple video calls to complex digital services such as telemedicine or e-care.

And finally, complex digital products can also be used effortlessly in the care sector to save costs and valuable resources – so easily, with a single touch.


Ambicura completed SHAPE in 2022 and is participating in FACTORY+ #8 (AplusB program) in 2023/24.