EnerCube develops and produces heat pump systems for the decarbonization of multi-storey residential buildings.

In the D-A-CH region, just over 70% of building heating comes from fossil fuels. In order to meet our climate targets, we have until 2045 to convert existing heating systems to regenerative heating systems. At the same time, around 30% of installers will retire by 2030.

Example: In Vienna, there are currently around 500,000 existing gas floor heating systems. scaled to the D-A-CH region, you can roughly imagine the enormous challenge. The EnerCube approach is to close the gap between the lack of skilled workers and the short implementation period.

EnerCube makes this possible through a standardized and serially produced heat pump center, which contains all the components of a “boiler room”, is delivered by truck, set up externally and connected to the building via a local heating connection.


EnerCube completed SHAPE in 2023 and is part of FACTORY+ #8 (AplusB program) in 2023/24.