Variable print settings of our 3D print head reduce time & costs & make 3D printing fit for series production

If you want to 3D print a part, you have to select the print settings according to certain criteria. For example, according to the material, the geometry, the tolerance requirements, the installation position or the required appearance. Today’s 3D printers can only reproduce static print resolutions, i.e. you can only produce a part with the same resolution throughout. This means that you either print precisely but slowly with small nozzles or quickly but imprecisely with large nozzles.

With its industrial multi-precision technology, Repentium enables flexible, area-related print settings for 3D printing. Print jobs can be completed up to 13 times faster by producing areas that require very high quality with extreme precision and the rest with maximum efficiency.


Repentium takes part in FACTORY #8 in 2023/24.