The Art Jewellery

The luxury jewelry industry is characterized by blood diamonds, environmentally harmful methods and social exploitation of people. The supply chain is not transparent. Jewelry has no intangible value and is mass-produced. There is an increasing public debate as to whether luxury jewelry and ethics are compatible.


STILAMI sells handmade luxury jewelry from sustainable and transparent sources that inspires customers as an interactive work of art and communicates individual messages. Digital support makes these messages visible – they bring the piece of jewelry to life. STILAMI is the brand that brings traditional craftsmanship into the modern world and sees jewelry as a communication medium. Pieces of jewelry are the most vivid form of art, filling customers with an individual, immaterial value.

STILAMI combines the megatrends of the luxury jewelry market in its jewelry collections. Customers are given the opportunity to acquire artistic and conceptual pieces of jewelry that convey emotions, perspectives, societies and challenges in which they can find themselves. NFT and blockchain technology are used to upload, retrieve and store personal information.

An elaborate sustainability policy oversees STILAMI’s daily business. The use of recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds ensures environmentally friendly resources and a transparent supply chain. Product ingredients are sourced from trusted partners under strict control.


Stilami completed FACTORY #7 in the years 2022/23.