Innovation kitchen & gourmet manufactory

Making the world a little better with every bite – that is the mission of Cassandra Winter & Martin Jager, the founding couple of easyVEGAN. With authentic and honest food. Created in the kitchen and not in the lab. Without chemicals and powders. For all those who want to offer their guests delicious, plant-based food that is quick and easy to prepare with a clear conscience.

The products are based on local nature. easyVEGAN appreciates the diversity of plant-based raw materials and their individual properties and benefits. The start-up uses them in their pure, natural form. To do this, they look to the past of local cuisine. In times when scarcity determined everyday life, food was too valuable to waste and creative solutions had to be found. This wealth of experience enables them to reinterpret old ingredients and develop contemporary dishes. In doing so, easyVEGAN dispenses with high-tech processing or manipulation. Their burgers, balls & co. are formed, frozen and packaged hygienically and safely. Deep-frozen, they retain their valuable nutrients and vitamins. Freshly prepared, they offer full flavor and top quality.


easyVEGAN completed FACTORY #2 in 2017/18.