Booking platform for spontaneous campers

like2camp is the only legal online booking platform developed specifically for spontaneous campers, pitch providers and tourism stakeholders. The aim is to strengthen the tourism value chain and provide travelers with unforgettable adventures. like2camp is the “booking” for pitch providers and offers a user-friendly booking platform that contains all relevant information. A special feature of like2camp is its interface, which makes it possible to transfer guest data directly into the municipalities’ systems and thus record camping guests. This means that B2C guests can also benefit from the advantages of the guest card and explore the region. Through close cooperation with various tourism associations, mountain railroads, vacation home owners, agricultural businesses and nature parks, like2camp includes tourism partners and opens up new opportunities for the development of tourism. The platform offers an innovative solution for all stakeholders and helps to improve the camping experience for travelers while promoting the local tourism sector.


like2camp completed the Female Empowerment Workshop Series 2023 and takes part in FACTORY #8 in 2023/24.